Rozhovor: Edwar Powell

RS: What do you feel when you hear the word Music ?

EP: Music almost sounds like Mother…   it is the giver of warmth, life, fullness, and happiness.

RS:  How it si to be forerign musician in Czech Republic?

EP: I am sort of a double foreigner, being from Canada and playing oriental music. I think that this country is probably the best place in the world for me as a musician. People like and accept me for who I am, what I do, and where I am from.

RS:  Can you tell us a little bit about your orignal instrument you make? At least how many string it has?

EP: You can find detailed information on my website …there is really a lot to say about this instrument, which is somehow my attempt to put together everything I have done into one instrument. It has more than 30 strings and 2 necks plus a neck for resonance strings. It is a combination of an Arabic lute, and Indian lute, and a guitar.

RS:  What is your feeling about Czech music? Do you like some Czech bands?

EP: Czech is full of wonderful musicians, it is a very musical country. For me, real Czech music is found in the amazing classical tradition, as well as Roma music. When I hear the radio I sometimes feel that modern Czech music has unfortunately taken too much from American music and to me Czech language doesn’t seem to fit well into that. Actually I have not followed contemporary Czech music very much but occationally I am at a music festival and I am often very impressed by the quality and imagination of some Czech groups. But there is too much Americanization in not only Czech music but all music these days.

RS: What are the happiest moments in your live?

EP: As a kid, probably the happiest times were playing gigs with my Rock band…    nowaday the happiest times are riding bikes through the woods with my Czech partnera :-)